We started flying over 10 years ago with the aim of opening the skies to everyone. Not just business people or students or grey nomads. Everyone.


And it seems like everyone liked the sound of that, because we’ve been
voted world’s best low-cost airline five years in a row.


And you know what? We like being popular! That’s why we fly to over
80 destinations in Asia. Why we were the first low-cost airline in the world to
offer Premium FlatBeds. Why we only charge for the extras you use.


And it’s why we keep our fares as low as they can go, every single day.


But even with all the awards and plaudits, there’s only one thing that
gets us really excited: wondering where we can take everyone next.

We like to consider ourselves the experts on Asia. It might sound a
little conceited, but hear us out! We have the strongest network in Asia,
flying to 23 countries across the region.
We’ve got over 80 stunning somewheres80 stunning somewheres pinned on our map, so whether you’re looking for somewhere warm, somewhere cool, or just somewhere else, we’ve got you covered.


But it’s not just the size of your network, it’s how you use it. We offer more
direct routes by maintaining sixteen separate hubs, which means you can
hop around Asia without having to return to the same central point.
Quite the jetsetters, aren’t we?

When it comes to luggage, we see all kinds. Some of you are the socks,
jocks and toothbrush types, but some of you like a few more creature comforts.

You might have to borrow your mate’s Tarago just to haul everything to the airport, but at least you’ll have outfit options when you get where you’re going! We’re the only airline that lets you pre-purchase up to 40kg without charging for excess baggage. So go on, pack that second hair dryer. You never know…


Whatever your baggage bent, you’ll get no judgement here.
Just understanding. Our flexible baggage options mean you only pay
for what you use – there and back. So you can fly to Asia with nothing but
your handbag, and home with more of them than you can wear in a lifetime!
Like we said, no judgement…

We remember when in-flight entertainment was limited to colouring-in books, miniature magnetic chess and trashy paperbacks you wouldn’t dream of reading on the ground. How things have changed!


You can now settle in with one of our shiny new Samsung Galaxy 7 tablets, available to rent and enjoy on every AirAsia X flight. They come pre-loaded with a heap of movies, TV shows, games and music, which makes them
great for keeping children (big and small) occupied until the real fun begins.

Chicken or fish? Chicken or fish? What? This is an aeroplane, not a wedding! We know that meal-time is always the best part of any flight, which is why we offer an extensive menu that won’t disappoint. You can check it out online before the flight and pre-book your meal to make sure you get exactly what you want. Your future self will thank you!


We’ve picked up a few tricks travelling to so many exotic destinations,
so whether you’re in the mood for hot, cold, savoury or sweet, you can
keep your tastebuds tingling all flight long.


And yes, we have peanuts.

When it comes to flying, one size does not fit all. Our passengers come
in all shapes and sizes – tall ones, short ones, baby ones and ones that insist on wearing six inch heels wherever they go. Some of you like to stretch out. Some of you like to curl up. So we’ve made sure we have options for everyone.


There are roomy exit rows for our six foot friends, Premium FlatBeds for the sleepyheads, and a brand new quiet zone with relaxing ambient lighting, that’s just for us grown ups.


Ooh how civilised!

Somewhere along the line, it was decided that only rich businessmen with briefcases were allowed to fly lying down. Something to do with avoiding unseemly creases in their slacks… Well, we found this unacceptable. Don’t all of us have the right to crease-free trousers!?


They said we were crazy when we became the first low-cost airline to offer Premium FlatBeds. But we’d be crazy not to! We’re all about offering the best experience possible, and that includes giving you the option to indulge in a little bit of luxury. We now offer Premium FlatBeds on all AirAsia X flights so you can fly like a boss on your next trip to Asia.


Our Premium ticket also comes with a few other perks like priority check-in and boarding, flexible flights, 25kg of checked baggage and a complimentary meal. It’s business class without the price tag (and the stuffy guys in suits!).

Our fleet is the youngest (and hippest) on the block. It’s a common misconception that low-cost airlines keep their fares down by running old, second-hand planes. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A newer, younger fleet means better fuel efficiency and streamlined maintenance and engineering costs. Young planes equal low fares, it’s as simple as that.


But more importantly, a younger fleet is a safer fleet, and there’s nothing more important to us than maintaining the highest safety standards. And not the highest standards of any low-cost airline.

The highest standards of any airline. In the world.

Those little gold medals at the bottom of the page aren’t stickers from the teacher, they’re Skytrax awards, and we get to pin them to our internet lapel because we’ve been voted the world’s best low-cost airline five years running.


Each year Skytrax compiles the world’s largest passenger satisfaction report, reviewing over 200 airlines on 40 different categories, and conducting almost 20 million interviews in total.


The Skytrax awards are a pretty big deal and they absolutely can’t
be bought. You can only win one by having the best service, best fleet
and best experience in the air. The Skytrax awards are the Oscars of the
flying business, and baby, we’re Jack Nicholson!

We believe that one good flight deserves another. That’s why we introduced BIG, our very own loyalty program. You can earn BIG points to put toward your next adventure, just by enjoying the trip you’re already taking!


Every dollar spent with ourselves and our friends on flights, shopping, entertainment, hotels, activities and tours earns you BIG points that
you can use on any seat on any flight (Except the pilot’s obviously.
He already called shotgun).


It’s simple to sign up. Just click tune2big.com, which you can tell is
important because it’s in a different colour.